On 5th September 2022, Teachers’ day was celebrated with great dignity by the students of the Boys’ Section to celebrate the birth anniversary of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.
Ebenezer Ranjan, Cultural Secretary of Boys’ Section hosted the students entertainment session followed by Ibrahim Ahmad, Head Boy of Boys’ Section who hosted the Teacher’s entertainment session of the cultural program.
The function was completely planned and organized by the Cultural Secretary and Head Boy and was a great surprise for the teaching and non-teaching staff of the school.
The program started as per the culture followed by Ideal Indian School that is by reciting verses off the Holy Quran.
After the prayer, The school principal Mr. Shaikh Shamim Saheb, Vice Principal Boys’ Section Mr. Ashok Kumar Tiwari , Asst. Head Master Mr.Sajid Shamim, all heads of department as well as the activity coordinators were invited for the cake cutting ceremony.
After the cake cutting ceremony, Nauman Najeeb, Vice Captain of the Green house Boys’ Section addressed the gathering with a formal speech.
After the formal speech, the Students entertainment session began where the students showcased their talents and gave everyone a performance of their lifetime!
To begin with, The students of grade 11 started off with a dance performance that had wonderful coordination and fascinating moves!
Then there was a duet performed by the students of Grade 11 as well! Which surely got the audience by surprise as they cheered and clapped with big smiles on their face!
After that there was an instrumental performed by the students of grade 12!
Grade 12’s infamous Zeptotizs returned to do what they do best! And left the audience speechless!
The students then moved onto the teachers entertainment session and the games were as follows:
 Stacks
 Musical chairs
 Categories
All the winners were awarded with a winners trophy and were very happy!
The teachers had an amazing time throughout this well organized event! The student council members took over great responsibilities to ensure a smooth and successful event!

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