On 8th September 2022, The student council members with the contribution of the students of Grade 11 and 12 organized a successful Onam festival which took place in the Boys section

The events were authorized by Ibrahim Ahmad, Head Boy and Ebenezer Ranjan, Cultural Secretary of Boys’ section and the cultural program was hosted by the Head boy.
The event started with a speech by Adnan Sawad on the specialty of

this harvest festival.
Following the speech, Shahzad of grade 11 sang a song that awakened the crowd as everyone cheered with pure excitement!
Then, Grade 12’s team Zeptotizs made an appearance yet again to deliver a masterpiece of a dance performance which even had teachers joining in making the environment more lively!
After that, Students of grade 12 came up with a wonderful instrumental performance that absolutely brought out the cultural vibes from India!

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