Excellence List




A silent worker.A Very punctual teacher who never miss to meet the dead line anytime.A teacher who is never reluctant but always accepts the extra work given to him very humbly.He is Mr.Rajarajan.He is very good in his subject and a very good orator also.Boy’s section of Ideal Indian school reserves this category for Mr.Raja Rajan , from science department for the month of January 2024.


Ms.Dhanya V.K

Ms.Dhanya V.K is a commerce teacher working in IIS Since 2013.Her commitment to each student is inspiring.Her adaptability,empathy and patience deserves admiration.Her good and respectful behaviour towards all teachers is well observed.Ms.Dhanya has acheived teacher excellence award foe CBSE Class 12 results.She ia also an incharge of Examination in Girl’s section.Girls’ section of Ideal Indian School reserves the teacher’s excellence category for Ms.Dhanya for January 2024.



Ms. UMA MAHESWARI (M.B.A., B.Com.) is working with ideal Indian School for almost 11 years in Junior section., She teaches English and Tamil to get the next generation of pupils ready. She is a Passionate teacher with patience and empathy. As an Activity coordinator She collaborates very effectively with everyone in the school. She believes that Teacher’s role is not only determined by their students’ academic accomplishments but also by the influence they have on the development of their character, self-assurance, and future success. She has additionally worked as the language coordinator, housemistress, and staff secretary. Junior section of Ideal Indian School reserves teacher’s excellence category for Ms.Uma Maheshwari for the month of January 2024.