Spring to winter

 Buds and shoots are pushing up

  Flowers opening to the sun

  Bright green freshness everywhere

  Lambs and ducklings having fun

  Kites are flying in the wind

  Sudden showers make us run.

 These are things that tell us when

  Spring’s here again.       

Days that last a long, long time.

 Children swimming in the sea

 Ice cream in the hot bright sun.

Shining leaves on every tree

There’s no school ,so every day

 All my friends can play with me.

These are the things that tell us when Summer’s here again.

Leaves are falling on the ground.

All the trees drop their disguise

 Squirrels gather up their nuts,

Sleepy creatures close their eyes.

 Days are short: dusk and dawn have darker skies.

These are the things that tell us when Autumn’s here again.

Stars like snowflakes in the sky

Robins rest on leafless trees

All the children wish for snow

Wait for the lakes to freeze

Cheeks and noses turn bright red

People start to sneeze

These are the things which tell us when Winter’s here again.


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