Foolish Harry

Once there lived a man called Harry. One day his mother said “Harry, my sister is coming to our house for supper tonight. Please take a paper bag, a jute bag and a glass bottle to the market place. Buy some Olives and put them in the paper bag. Then, buy some ice and put it in the Jute bag. Finally, buy some honey and put it in the bottle.”

Harry went to the market. The vegetable shop owner said, sir I do not have olives, but I have olive juice!” So Harry bought olive juice and put it in the paper bag.

Next, Harry went to buy ice. The shopkeeper said. “Sir, I do not have ice, but I have cold water!” Harry bought cold water and put it in the jute bag.

Finally, Harry went to buy honey. The shopkeeper said, “Sir, I do not have honey, but I have a beehive, but as he tried to stuff the beehive in the glass bottle, the angry honeybees stung him on his face and hands.

Crying in pain Harry reached home. His mother said “Oh, Harry! What happened to you? The paper bag, The jute bag and the bottle are all empty!”

Harry told his mother about the events at the market place. His mother said “Foolish Harry! You put juice in the paper bag, and it leaked! You put water in the jute bag, and that leaked too! You should never meddle with a beehive that is why the bees stung you! Now you are hurt. All my money is wasted and you returned from the market empty handed!”

Harry said,”You are right. Now I have learnt a lesson to use my brain not just follow instructions blindly.”


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