An Essay on ‘Education’

Education ingrains civic and social responsibility among everyone. India is a land of diversity. Therefore, in order to bring unity, education is a means for emotional integration. We cannot do without any kind of education. It is an essential aspect of human development and also is a means of achieving a world of peace, justice, freedom, and equality for all. Thus, education is extremely necessary for all. No comfortable life is possible without education.

It endorses the intelligence of human beings, develops their skill, and enables them to be industrious. It ensures his progress. Education also channelizes the undeveloped capacities, attitudes, interests, urges and needs of the individual into desirable channels. The individual can adjust and modify his environment with the help of education as per his need.

Problems and Prospects

In a democratic country, education is necessary for all its citizens. Unless all the citizens get education, democratic machinery cannot work well. So we may emphasize that the problem of equality of educational opportunities in India.The main problems are financial. Rural-urban disparity is mainly due to illiteracy. Women’s education, economic conditions of backward communities and the non-availability of equipment are some other major problems.

Strategies and efforts at the national level

Our constitution is making arrangements for free and compulsory education with the right of minorities to establish educational institutions. As well as there are education for weaker sections, secular education, women’s education, instruction in the mother-tongue at the primary stage, etc. These constitutional provisions are nothing but our effort to achieve the target of the project “Education for all”.

Thus, in the end, we find that education is a significant factor in achieving success, building character, and for leading a wholesome and happy life. True education always humanizes the person. In this reference, “Education for all” has become an international goal for both developed and developing countries.

Farooq Bin HM ( Parent of Hibah- 4J )

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