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On September 10th, 2023, Ideal Indian School initiated with the ‘No bag day’ concept for students of class 5.

“No Bag Day” concept is an initiative aimed at reducing the physical and mental burden on students by allowing them to attend classes without carrying their textbooks and notebooks.

The English teacher did the activity based on “The Jungle book” integrating art with the lesson “The law of the jungle”.

The science teacher, led activities which included vegetable printing and wall decor making, based on the chapter ‘Food and Health’. Students carved the vegetables themselves and used acrylic paint to create imprints of them on paper. Each student created their designs that displayed their talents. At the end of the period, they hung their creative product using thread as a wall decor.

The Mathematics teacher conducted a skip counting by jumping activity, students used a number line to get the LCM.The social science teacher showed how to create traffic signs and explained the importance of each colour in traffic signs.

The Islamic teacher showed the steps in call-for-Adan and in moral science class, a role play based on a moral principle(story) was conducted. Students created maps of Qatar and identified various locations in Qatar history class. The physical education teacher conducted memory games and puzzles in the P.E period.

The teachers of second languages conducted different activities, In the Hindi class, the students learned grammar through craft-making. In Urdu class, they performed and spoke on the topic of “MERI WALDAH”. Similarly, in the Malayalam class, a play based on the poem “Vellilavalli” was performed. In the Arabic session, Arabs prepared worksheets while non-Arabs had word games for understanding tenses. Students performed “Varthai Vilayattu” in the Tamil class.

Students, as well as the teachers of class 5, had a refreshing and educational experience. Students were incredibly involved and enthusiastically engaged in each activity. Proper planning, communication and adherence to guidelines were essential for its success. By implementing such initiatives, Ideal Indian School promotes a healthier and more balanced approach to education while reducing the physical and mental burden on students.

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