The 77th Independence Day of India was joyously celebrated at Ideal Indian School with immense enthusiasm. Dr. Hassan Kunhi M.P., the School President, proudly unfurled the Indian national flag at 8:00 a.m., accompanied by the reverberating chant of ‘Jana Gana Mana,’ the national anthem. A gathering of Principal Mr. Shaik Shamim Saheb, Heads of Sections, Heads of Departments, both teaching and non-teaching staff, students, parents, and well-wishers congregated on the school campus to partake in the flag-hoisting ceremony.

In his keynote address, Dr. Hassan Kunhi expressed the importance of remembering and appreciating the sacrifices made by our freedom fighters. He also said that while we commemorate India’s independence, let’s contemplate the values that contribute to our nation’s greatness: unity, diversity, resilience, and progress.

“This occasion is not just to celebrate a historical event but to remember the sacrifices of countless heroes who fought valiantly for our nation’s freedom,” he added.

Taking the stage, Principal Mr. Shaik Shamim Saheb highlighted that Independence Day focuses on renewing our dedication to the causes of national development. He also urged that it remains the duty of every Indian citizen, regardless of their workplace or residence, to uphold and recall the values that have been carried by the country for thousands of years.

The ceremony was hosted by Ms. Jerrin Elsa.

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