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The Language day was celebrated with great joy at IIS on 14/Sept/2023.  Various Language Departments celebrated Language Day with effervescent festivity and enthusiasm. Language Day is organized with the aim of developing language skills among the students and bringing out their hidden linguistic potential.

Various exciting programs and activities were organized in Junior, Boys’ and Girls’ Sections on this special day to promote languages like Hindi, Urdu, Malayalam, Arabic, French, Tamil, Kannada and Marathi. Students presented colourful and entertaining traditional items like Folk dances, Skits, Songs, speeches etc.

Speaking on the occasion, Principal Mr. Shaik Shamim Saheb said that in the age of globalization, regional languages are facing a great threat as we have embraced English as our lifeline to the modern world.

Students of the Junior Section also joined the celebration with great festivity and enthusiasm. Cultural programmes were presented in various regional languages. Heads of Sections, Heads of Departments, and various language teachers attended the celebration. Cultural Secretary (Boys’ Section) Akshay Kerthi welcomed the gathering and Ananditha Devi (Girls’ Section) proposed vote of thanks. Leya Shri, Hishana, Irfan and Amhar anchored the programme.

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