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Aishwarya . G, CLASS VI – G 

The Health of a human being refers to physical, mental and psychological health. A person’s environment influences and affects his / her health in every way. Usually, people speak and worry about their physical health, but it is important to maintain both mental and psychological health to keep their body completely healthy.

People after seem to give a lot of importance to working hard to make money and care the least of their health. Not many understand that unless they are healthy  enough to move out and use their body for various activities, they would not be able to do anything they want to. It is to create to awareness among people that organizations and governments around the world take steps constantly to hold social and online campaigns.

Every person has the right to avail of primary health care, no matter what their economic and social status would be. Staying healthy is the only way to live a satisfying and productive life. In today’s world, where social media, junk food and work take up a huge part of every day of a normal human being, it is easy to find excuses to invest in health or any fitness-related activities. Research has shown an increasing number of people being admitted to hospitals for various illnesses. Now with the pandemic, it is even more risky if you take it too lightly. It is high time all of us made up our minds to take care of our physical, mental and psychological health if we wish to lead a healthy  life.

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy

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