JUNIOR SECTION 2022 – 2023
This year’s World Environment Day was celebrated on 5 th June 2023,
Monday with great fervor and enthusiasm. The theme for this year’s
Environment Day is ‘Reduce Plastic Pollution’. The day started with a
special morning assembly. There were speeches and presentations by
the students on the importance of preserving the environment. The
students participated in various activities like Colouring, creating
collage, Making Paper Bag and Best Out of waste. The class 4 students
conducted an Awareness Campaign to spread awareness about
Reducing Plastic Pollution. In conclusion, the World Environment Day
was celebrated with great enthusiasm, and it was a great opportunity
for the students to come together and spread awareness in their own
little way. Mr. Azam Khan, Vice Principal, and Ms. Shyla Jose,
Assistant Headmistress, joined the celebration and applauded the
participants and teachers for their efforts and dedication.