Garangao is a traditional festival celebrated by the Gulf countries, particularly Qatar, on the 14th night of the holy month of Ramadan. This festival holds great significance, especially for children. The Junior Section of Ideal Indian School recently celebrated Garangao traditionally. The children dressed in colorful traditional attire and carried baskets and bags decorated with bright colors and patterns. The programme started with a prayer by Master Abdul Rahman of class 4C, and a special speech was delivered by Ms. Hamda Musthafa of class 4G. The programme was hosted by Ms. Tanu Madhvi. A group song was performed by the Junior Section choir. Headmaster Mr. Sajid Shamim and Ms. Jessena Abdulla, the Section Coordinator, joined the celebration and emphasised the value of the Garangao celebration. One of the mesmerising aspects of the event was that the students of the Junior Section made their way around the entire school in procession with Garangao music playing. The principal, Mr. Shaik Shamim Saheb, the headmaster, Mr. Sajid Shamim, and other Heads of Sections distributed nuts and candies to the children. The festival of Garangao serves as a reminder of cultural richness and diversity and adds joy and vibrancy to the Ramadan celebration.