Ideal Indian School organized a two-day Teachers Refresher Programme in line with the school’s commitment to keeping the teaching faculty abreast of the latest teaching trends, enhancing their knowledge and teaching methodology, and fostering a better understanding of their students. The inaugural day of the programme commenced with a workshop led by Principal Mr. Shaik Shamim Saheb on the topic ‘Collaboration and Teamwork for Better Workplace Performance’. He emphasized the importance of cultivating a collaborative environment within the educational setting, highlighting its profound impact on overall institutional efficiency.

The second session of the first day featured a presentation by Mr. Sajid Shamim, Headmaster of the Junior Section, on “Code of Ethics and Conduct – The MoE guidelines for the School and its stakeholders in the State of Qatar”.

On the second day, various sections and departments conducted meetings and workshops in preparation for the upcoming academic year. Ms. Khatija T.C, Headmistress, Girls Section Coordinated the refresher programme.