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 A Slice of Heaven      

 A Slice of Heaven                              School is a slice of Heaven on the earth. School is a place where we spend a significant part of our lives. It is more than just a building with classrooms; it becomes our second home and teachers are our parents . School is like a heaven on Earth. It’s a magical place filled with friends, awesome teachers, and exciting adventures. We learn, laugh, and grow together. School is where we discover our talents, make beautiful memories, and create our own little heaven. Let’s cherish every moment we spend in this incredible place because school is truly the most awesome place ever!

 In the school we spend a lot of time with our teachers and friends.  We create strong bonds with our classmates and teachers. Just like our family at home, we form a school family where we care for and support each other. We share our joys, struggles, and achievements, making school feel like a warm and welcoming place like heaven in our dreams. All the teachers are our angels who support us and help us grow. We need to respect our teachers because they love us like our parents.

In school, we get to show off our amazing talents. Whether it’s drawing, singing, dancing, or playing sports, there’s always a place for us to shine.

Teachers guide us through our educational journey. They become our mentors and not only teach us academic subjects, but also provide valuable life lessons and help shape our character.

At school, we make friends from different backgrounds, just like in heaven where everyone is unique.

Anam Muhammed Ajwad.         


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