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Health is Wealth

   Have  you heard  the above statement ?  It clearly explains the importance of health. Health is a precious treasure. We should take special care to maintain our health. Uncontrolled food, lack of exercise, excess consumption sugar, chocolate, soft drinks, fast food  etc. badly affect our health.

                     It is always a good habit to maintain our health at all ages. A healthy mind will lie only in a healthy body. It enables us to enjoy the life to the fullest. It also helps to perform better in our studies and other extracurricular activities. In this way healthy body helps us to achieve our academic goals.

                   Not only physical health, but also mental health is important. A stress free life contributes a lot to have good mental health.

In short, we students should do our best to maintain good physical and mental health.Health is Wealth

Laibah Firos ( Grade 3F)

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