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Schools Olympics


Schools Olympics Programme Taekwondo 2023-24


Ideal Indian School Boys Taekwondo team participated and secured 3 Silver medals and 6 Bronze medals in the 16th edition of the Schools Olympics Programme Taekwondo finals Competition held at Aspire Dom Stadium on 18th May 2023.

Silver Medallists

  • Talha-6D
  • Hashim-6B
  • .Ahmed Hayan-8F

Bronze Medalists

  • Muzammil-6C
  • Rishikesh-6C
  • Aadil-7D
  • Nakul-7B
  • Hadi-8C
  • Ghanim Elhadi-9B

Mr. Amazad Khan from the Department of Physical Education was the coach who trained and prepared the students for the competition. Principal, Shaik Shamim Saheb congratulated the winners on their victory, Head of Sections Ashok Kumar Tiwari and Sajid Shamim also appreciated the winners.

In charge Teachers                                                                          

Mr. Amazad Khan     Mr.Nowfal HOD P.E