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Ideal Indian School organized an engaging read-a-thon week from 14th to 18 May
aimed at promoting the habit of reading among students. The week-long event
featured a series of diverse and interactive programs designed to create awareness
about the importance of reading. Students actively participated in various
competitions, fostering a passion for books and literature. Additionally, a
collaborative book fair with the Crescent Book Store further enriched the event,
providing students with an opportunity to explore and purchase a wide range of

Throughout the week, IIS organized an impressive lineup of programs that catered to
students of all grade levels. These programs were meticulously designed to captivate
students’ interest and create awareness about the importance of reading.
Competitions on Read Aloud, Book-Themed Fancy Dress, Spell Bee, End the Tale,
Word Fire, Poem Recitation, Book Review, and Literature Quiz formed the core of
these programs, allowing students to delve into the fascinating world of books.
Adding to the excitement, IIS collaborated with the renowned Crescent Book Store to
organize a book fair during the read-a-thon week. The book fair served as a vibrant
hub of literary enthusiasm, where students had the opportunity to explore a vast
selection of books.

Inaugurating the read-a-thon week, Principal Mr. Shaik Shamim Saheb underscored
the importance of nurturing a reading culture among students. The principal
emphasized that reading not only enhances knowledge and expands vocabulary but
also fosters critical thinking, imagination, and empathy.

The book fair witnessed a remarkable influx of parents, with a substantial number
actively participating in the event, indicating their strong interest and involvement in
promoting reading habits among children.

The read-a-thon week organized by IIS has had a profound impact on students,
fostering a reading culture and inspiring them to continue their reading journey
beyond the event. By promoting active engagement with books and creating
awareness about the importance of reading, IIS has taken a significant step towards
nurturing well-rounded individuals with a lifelong love for literature.

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