Onam was celebrated on 8th of September 2022 with great enthusiasm and fervor through an array of various programmes and games. Girls’ Section kicked off the celebrations with a traditional Onam floral arrangement of pookalam both the teachers and students engaging eagerly. A series of performances highlighting the rich culture and history behind the festival was presented by both students as well as the teachers. The teachers and the students, as well as the Heads of Section gathered on the ground floor of the Girls’ Section to enjoy the show. 

The programme was hosted by Anjali Devi and Romiya Varghese. As with any auspicious event, the programme began with a prayer, done by Asma Haris of XII-F. The Asst. Cultural Secretary, Dhilna Anwar and team performed a melodious group song that really set the atmosphere for the celebration. Praise of class XII-F enlightened the gathering about the history of Onam, highlighting the various practices and cultural meanings behind them. A wide variety of games like lemon and spoon, balloon popping, Sundaripott and newspaper games were arranged by the students in which both teachers and students took part in. The students of class XII-G showcased a marvelous dance performance. Ms. Swapna, Dance Teacher put on a stunning display of the classical dance of Kerala, Mohiniyattam. Ms. Raji and her team of teachers put forth a performance of traditional Onam Thiruvathira Kali. Ms. Rajana and her team performed a traditional folk song.  The program ended with the distribution of Kerala sweets.

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