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“Mother is not simply a word, in fact it is a whole universe in itself.”
A very warm good morning to the respected judges, beloved teachers
and my dear friends. Today, I, Maysa Ahmed from class 4 H, am going
to talk on the topic ‘‘My Mother is My World.”
My mother is the most precious and caring person in my life. She wakes
me up early in the morning for school. She prepares nutritious
breakfast and tiffin for me. She waits me at the door when I come back
from the school. My mother helps me in my homework. She is like a
first teacher for me who taught me to speak, walk, behave well and
many more good things.
She spends sleepless nights and takes care of me when I fall sick . She is
not only my mother but also my most wonderful friend. She is also my
doctor ,counselor ,role model etc. I am always ready to share my
feelings with her with open minded.
My mother always inspires and motivates me for doing something good
and great in my life. I am great impressed by her personality and good
manners. In simple, my mother is my ‘PARADISE’ in this world. Yes,
the lap of our mother is paradise for us.

“My mother is a walking miracle.”
It is very true in all sense. She spends her time to grow and make me a
good citizen of the country. She adds colours and melody to my life. We
have many relationships with people around us. But the most
important, loved ,the pure and divine relationship is that of a mother
and a child. As we all know, a mother dedicates her whole life to her
children without expecting anything.

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