Music & Dance Club “DHWANI”

IIS inaugurates “Dhwani,” the Music & Dance Club:IIS held a grand inauguration of “DHWANI” its Music & Dance Club, an exciting addition to our vibrant extracurricular program. The club aims to foster creativity, provide a platform for students to showcase their talents, promote a love for music and dance and cultivate individuals with a deep appreciation for the arts. The Principal, Mr. Shaik Shamim Saheb, graced the occasion as the chief guest, while Ms. Bhavna Naik, a renowned Odissi dancer, was the esteemed Guest of Honor. Heads of Sections, Heads of Departments, Teachers and Members of the Club attended the function. The Chief Guest, along with the Guest of Honor and the Heads of Sections, inaugurated the club by unveiling its logo.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Shaik Shamim Saheb, the Principal, emphasised the club’s mission to serve as a platform for students to delve into their artistic passions. By fostering creativity, teamwork, and self-expression, the club aims to empower students in their artistic pursuits.

In her speech, Ms. Bhavna Naik stressed on the invaluable role of learning performing arts, emphasizing its ability to foster the holistic development of children by nurturing their physical and mental well-being.

The Club’s office bearers were inducted to the occasion. Venika Anil, a student of Class 10, serves as the secretary of the Girls’ Section. Jeffery Solomon, also from Class 10, is the secretary of the Boys’ Section. Yeshwanth S Kumar, a student of Class 4, holds the position of secretary in the Junior Section. Ms. Malili Gopakumar is the President of the Club.

The Music & Dance Club’s inaugural event featured a diverse range of performances by the students of the Girls’ Boys and Junior Sections, highlighting the immense talent and versatility of the participating students. The dancers captivated the crowd with their graceful movements and vibrant choreography, showcasing various dance styles, including semi-classical, contemporary, and traditional forms. Meanwhile, the audience was treated to melodious musical performances, including group and solo vocal renditions, instrumental showcases, and more.

Shreya Saravanan, the Assistant Head Girl, warmly welcomed the gathering, while Akshay, the Cultural Secretary of the Boys’ Section, proposed the vote of thanks. Ananditha Devi, the Cultural Secretary of the Girls’ Section, compered the program. Music and Dance teachers of all the sections coordinated the event.

Under the guidance of dedicated faculty members, the Music & Dance Club will offer a diverse range of activities and opportunities for students of all ages and skill levels. The club will provide professional guidance, regular lessons, and workshops to enhance the skills of the students and encourage their artistic growth

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