Memories have been a part and parcel of my life, much like everyone else. We remember the good old days that have gone by and the bad ones as well. One of the good memories in one’s life is definitely their school life.

My school life was surely a learning experience. The confidence and motivation it gave me, I couldn’t get anywhere else. Most importantly, it is the place where I recognized my uniqueness and individuality. My school life is no less than a treasure for me which gave me invaluable joys in life.

It is where I started by learning the alphabets and numbers in Upper Kindergarten to becoming the Sports Secretary of the school in the gap of 13 magical years. The warm welcome and goodbye that I received in the first and last day of school is something I will ever cherish. It is what also defines why my school life is so important to me.

The things I have learned throughout my school life will stay with me forever. Had it not been for my school life, I would’ve missed out on so many things. The knowledge, experience and memories, I owe it all to my incredible school life.

It has indeed been an unforgettable journey which will remain in my heart forever. My school life was filled with lots of excitement and love. It made me understand the value of time and became an excellent chapter in my life.

It is the period where I found myself and learned a great deal about myself. My school life helped me learn dedication and self-actualization. All my teachers especially the Department of Physical Education motivated me and pushed me to achieve my best which is a big part of what I am today.

Most importantly, I earned friends here. Friends who will remain so for my entire lifetime. One of the greatest blessings of my school life has indeed been my friends. They were the ones who made this journey unforgettable and comfortable. They helped me when I was down and elevated me when I was up. Moreover, they gave me strength and the courage to try out new things. Each day was magical in my school life.

As we all know, that the first and last day of our school life are the most memorable days. I entered my school weeping, and even while leaving, I had the same tears in my eyes. The difference being the former was for not wanting to go, and the latter is for not wanting to leave.


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