It was summer vacation. I got up, ate my breakfast and went to play with my cat, that my parents had gifted me last month for my birthday. We called it Zimba. As Zimba was new to our house it was little scared. But after a few days, Zimba started to grow friendly with us.
Today, I called Zimba to play with him, but he would not come. Usually, he comes running to me when I call him. He did not respond. I searched for him everywhere inside the house. He was not there. I also asked my mother, she said that she hadn’t seen him. I thought he had gone missing but surprisingly found Zimba in the backyard of my house. Looking towards my neighbour’s house I noticed his name tag was not on his neck. He had lost it somewhere. These cats are also like me, as I have lost most of the things I had.
He was behaving so different. When I called his name, he did not respond. He was going away from me. He was not active. He was behaving entirely in a different manner. I thought he had fallen sick and did not seem active.
At that moment my father came to me saying, ” Our neighbour’s cat has gone missing. They have pasted a poster of their cat saying it has gone missing and if anyone finds it to contact them on mobile No.36937690. If you found it contact them. Their cat looks same as our Zimba”. At that time my mother told me to take some red coloured bag from the storage room. I went to take the bag and saw Zimba there. I asked him “How did you reach here and how did you get the name tag back? It was not there a few minutes ago”. I took Zimba from the storage room and went to my parents to ask them if they had put the name tag on Zimba. When I went to my father, he was playing with a cat that looked like Zimba. I asked him, “Whose cat is this?”. He said ” This is Zimba. Don’t you know. I gifted you on your birthday”. I said, “But Zimba is with me. Look! here is the name tag . I came here to ask if you had put the name tag on Zimba as it had gone missing a few hours ago when I found Zimba in the backyard”.
At that confusing moment, our neighbour came to our house and asked us if we had seen their cat, Alex. When the neighbour said ‘Alex’, the cat my dad was playing with ran to the neighbour. And the neighbour said to the cat, “Alex! Where were you? I searched for you everywhere I could”.She thanked us for finding their Alex.
I was so confused that I developed a headache. Then I understood that the cat I had thought was Zimba had behaved so weirdly and was looking towards my neighbour’s house because it was their cat, Alex that had somehow come to my house and Zimba could not come when I called because he was trapped in the storage room all the time, as I had completely forgotten to look for him in the storage room.

Muhammed Tazim 8-B

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