Art Work by Mr. Shawan Nafees(BS)

This is kind of Public art installation sculpture, these figures seems to be surrealistic because of their unreal limbs which one of my favorite subject, it’s fascinating for me to visualize otherworldly things sometimes which we see in dreams.

this art work depicts about our societal issues where we have two groups of people, and I call one of them is ‘cunning’ and the other one is ‘deprived’ which is the title of the picture, a human figure fell down in the race of betterment but still having hope for it, which is shown through raising long hand and long neck.  

Material: This a made by waste material like Hanger wire, Soft drink cans and Driftwood for base

As you can see three different pieces of chess on top of each other, in chess, the ‘pawn’ considered the less valuable piece although in the game its standing at front row and the most burdened one for the service of king.

the same kind of scenario is in our society where the labor or employee is considered the meanest one in an organization, everyone in an organization deserves respect and recognition if they are standing at the front row to serve its employer, which I call as co-operative with employer.

Material: Driftwood for the base, some wire inside each piece to make it stand stiff and white clay.    

Fig: 2.1 and 2.2- I made this setup by waste material as you can see the pot stand is made by Hand pump (popular in India) and broken steel chair and a useless punctured tire

Fig:3.1- I made this titled as ‘The Fantasy of the living book’ as you can see some living things coming out from inside the book like a shark, butterfly, bug and a money plant vine to make it look more real I have used real pictures print out and laminated to give it a shiny and fantasy look and to make it intact for years, I also attached bird and butterfly with a help of very thin wire, it seems like they are floating in the air which can seen in figure 3.2. further,  I suspended the book in the air by attaching it with the iron bar on which the installation is based.

Material: Mixed kind of material used extensively like hard wire , print outs, paper Mache including iron bar and cement.

Fig: 4.1 and 4.2- I made these portrait by pencil and charcoal

4.1 fig is of a famous personality Retired Lieutenant general zameeruddin shah (Indian army) he is elder brother of  very famous Bollywood actor Naseeruddin Shah.

Fig 4.2 is famous character ‘Harry Potter’ from Hollywood film industry.

Fig: 5- I hanged up school certificates frames on reception wall in a little creative way, tried to make it look balanced and rhythmic.

Fig: 6- This is the cover of an Urdu book published on (a famous Urdu website)

As the writer approached me and told me about his taste, he wanted to show the exact scene I made few sketches and I was very close to his imagination, I have shown all the figures in silhouette because of the demand from the writer but the problem was how to make it sensible and there was only one way if I use the figures against sunlight, as you can see there is sunset in the scene.

Fig: 7- I made this logo of Swacha Bharat on Clean India day with the help of students on the school ground with approximately more than 200 students.

Picture and video was shot by drone.

Fig:8-  I tried to make it look like a scene from the past (a nostalgia)

Medium: Water Color

Fig: 9- A cub polar bear, in an intense snowy storm holding a branch of dried tree.

Medium: Water color.

Fig: 10- Still life of fruits randomly spread on a table

Medium: Oil paint

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