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Teen Empowerment

Teenage the sweet phase of everyone’s life is becoming challenging day by day.  

That phase of adolescence, harmonal changes with physical body changes like change in voice, weight gain, acne may cause discomfort and result in low self-confidence of teens.  Apart from all above, the academic pressures, peer pressures, cutthroat competition, parent’s expectations and at the same time risk and temptation of falling for distractions and bad habits, getting wrong friendships comes as all-in-one package.  We all talk about women empowerment a lot but somewhere we neglect Gen Next i.e., teen empowerment.  

The ideal phase where teenagers should believe in herself / himself, take charge of life and be able to make decisions for better future. Teen empowerment is a conscious effort to provide teenagers with necessary skills, confidence, guidance, health and fitness awareness and making them capable of identifying opportunities for their growth and career prospects. This Teen empowerment ideally starts at home where knowledge, mannerism and moral values are taught. The quality time and attention are necessary to understand their challenges and this effort can greatly help in empowering them with required support and building strong citizens.  social responsibility, political views, humanity Values, simple gratitude, counting of blessings, Stress and anger management, fitness awareness, strength to accept failures with positive outlook and finding happiness from within all contribute towards healthy and sound personality development.  

Teen Empowerment is nothing but transition of innocent adolescence into confident and smart teen free from all fears with clarity on goals, roles and responsibilities. And if we are able to influence at least one life towards better, then we will not only build our own happy family but will also contribute towards healthy society and strong nation. 

Guest for IISTIMESZin Mugdha Sarnai

Certified Zumba Instructor – ZumbaJashn 

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