World Environment Day[B.sec]

Ideal Indian school Eco Club celebrated World Environment Day on 2 nd June 2024 with a series of activities aimed at raising awareness about environmental issues and promoting sustainable practices.

The day’s events began with an impactful video presentation highlighting the importance of environmental conservation. It served as a powerful reminder of our responsibility to protect the planet. Following the video, the Eco Club organized an awareness campaign where students  held placards, banners, and posters with messages about environmental conservation like “Save Our Planet,” “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle,” and “Go Green.”

Following the video, students participated in open ended questions where students were encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas on how they can contribute to environmental conservation in their daily lives. One of the most engaging activities of the day was the Pot designing competition for classes 7 and 8. Students decorated the clay pots with eco-friendly paints and materials. The creativity displayed was remarkable, with designs featuring trees and environmental messages.

Another activity was the “Best Out of Waste” competition for the classes 5 and 6. Students brought in various waste materials such as plastic bottles, cardboard, old newspapers, and fabric scraps. They transformed these materials into functional and decorative items, showcasing their creativity and commitment to recycling.

The main highlight of the event was  the inaugural ceremony of the Eco Club Magazine- GREEN ZEAL. The Principal Sheikh Shamim Saheb along with the HOS of Boys’ section ,Girls’ section, Junior section and KG section officially launched the magazine by revealing its cover page to the audience. The moment was met with applause and excitement.

A very inspiring and motivational speech was given by our Principal, commending the efforts of the Eco Club in creating a platform for students to voice their ideas and solutions for environmental issues. He also emphasized the importance of youth involvement in sustainable practices.

As part of the celebrations, badges were awarded to students who have demonstrated outstanding commitment to environmental conservation. The Principal along with HOS of all the sections presented the badges, recognizing the efforts of these students in initiatives such as recycling programs, tree planting activities, and environmental clubs.

The badge recipients included:

– Master Mohammed Areeb of 11A  and Ms. Fatima Khairi of as President , Master Ihsan Saleem  of 11 A and Ms.Haniya Khan  as Vice President

– ⁠Master Aman Farhan OF 11 A  and Ms. Joyal Ishwani OF -as Secretary

– ⁠Master Yash Santosh of 11 B and Ms. Dona Benny                         as Treasurer

– Master M. Bin Azhar and Ms. Anushka Anil as ⁠Editor

As part of the celebration, certificates were awarded to the winners of NO TOBACCO DAY POSTER MAKING COMPETIOTION, BEST OUT OF WASTE COMPETTION AND POT DESIGNING COMPETIOTION. The winners of the environmental quiz competition were gifted small flowering pots as a token of appreciation for their knowledge and enthusiasm towards environmental issues. To celebrate the occasion, students performed eco-themed song.

The Environment Day celebrations were a resounding success, highlighting the importance of environmental conservation and inspiring students to take action. We are proud of our students’ achievements and look forward to continuing our efforts in promoting environmental awareness and action.