Ideal Indian School observed the 75th Anniversary of the United Nations on 24 October 2023, promoting the theme of Equality, Freedom, and Justice for All. The Department of Social Sciences organised various events highlighting the need for world peace and the role of the UN in achieving it. Speaking on the occasion, Principal Mr. Shaik Shamim Saheb emphasized the significance of upholding human equality to promote peaceful coexistence and highlighted the contemporary role of the United Nations in the world.

The event was graced by Dr. Nazima Bi Sheikh, Vice Principal of the Girls’ Section, Mr. Azam Khan, Vice Principal of the Boys’ Section, Ms. Khatija T.C., Headmistress of the Girls’ Section, and Ms. Lipsy Sabu, Assistant Headmistress of the Boys’ Section. The morning assembly featured students delivering motivational speeches, musical performances, and introducing various specialised UN agencies. Students enthusiastically participated in various activities, including creating UN logos, designing posters, making collages, and delivering PowerPoint presentations centered around the theme, “The United Nations’ Role in Promoting Global Peace.”

In the Junior Section, students presented UN-themed songs and speeches highlighting the significance of the United Nations and its various missions aimed at addressing global challenges. The Headmaster of the Junior Section, Mr. Sajid Shamim, and Assistant Headmistress Ms. Shyla Jose addressed the gathering, emphasizing the importance of unity, cooperation, and global awareness. Students also actively participated in a procession featuring students displaying the flags of member countries they had prepared.