Under the supervision of department of social science, Ideal Indian School proudly
celebrated United Nations Day with gorgeous events like Morning special Assembly, Poster
designing, Essay writing and Power point presentation.
1.Morning special Assembly: UN Day speech delivered in the Assembly by Daffyd from
10 th E. Besides that 5 students were present there as UN permanent members. Master
Kanishker, Hyson, Gregory, Seran Anwar and Asad Shamveel from 7 th std represented
China, Russia, France, United Kingdom and USA respectively. . Current world issues and
UN’s mediation were highlighted in their speech.

2.Poster designing competition: All the students feom Grade 5 th and 6 th participated in
poster designing under the leadership of Art teacher Mr. Shawan, Ms Sharija and Ms. Simi
Pillai. Concerned period teachers also took the leadership very actively. It was held for all at
the same time during 2 nd and third period. Children did wonders in UN related posters within
stipulated time. Evaluation is done by Art teacher Mr. Shawan.

  1. Essay writing: An essay writing competion also held for class 7 and 8 students. More
    than 25 students participated in essay writing based on the topic ‘Role of UN in world
    peace’. Mr. Rajan Kunju was the invigilator. Evaluation is done by Social Science teacher
    Mr. sakkeer hussain and english teacher Mr. Anwar Sadath.
  2. Powerpoint presentation: Grade 9 students presented power points based on the topic
    ‘UN and its agencies’. Presentations are evaluated by their Social Science teachers

Reflection: Prgrams were well planned and presence of Vice Principal, Assistatant Head
Master and HoD of social science were admirable. Social science teacher Mr. Murthy, Ms
Misha, Ms. Resmi and Ms. Smitha took the initiative for the smooth functioning of the
events. Activity coordinator Mr. Anwar Sadath, Media coordinator Mr. Anwar, PE
department under Mr. Noufal, Mr. Firose and many teachers from the section also helped a
lot for the flow of the events. Generally all the events were colorful which reminded the need
of world peace.
We are very much thankful to Principal and School Management for their whole hearted
support to conduct co curricular activities regularly for the benefit of our students.

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