The Wish Cup

Swaroop was a rich merchant. He was hard working
and sincere in his business. He had earned a large sum of
money. He had a son Nirmal. Nirmal was the opposite of
Swaroop in character. He was lazy and lethargic. He did not
understand the value of hard work.
When Swaroop died, Nirmal inherited all of his father’s
wealth. But, due to his ill habits, he spent them all in just a
short time and lost the entire wealth. He became very poor
and led the life of a beggar.

From heaven Swaroop watched his son living the life of a
beggar and could not bear it. He appeared to Nirmal and
gave him a cup saying, ‘Nirmal, my son, this is not an ordinary
cup. This cup will give you whatever you wish for. Keep this
and use it well. You need not be a beggar anymore. But
Nirmal in his drunken mood threw away the cup and broke it.
He remained a beggar for the rest of his life.
MORAL-Good things
don’t last for evil

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