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Once upon a time there was a large forest. There
grew many different trees, such as mango, banyans, teak,
oak, Neem, etc.……. Among them there was one tree, which
had a crooked trunk. It looked very ugly compared to other
trees. They used to tease him. ‘You’re such an ugly tree.0h
no! You’re such an ugly tree.’ The poor tree was so sad and
always thought, ‘Oh god! Why did you make me so ugly?
Why I’m not beautiful like other trees?’

One day a wood cutter came to the forest and said,
‘This crooked tree is of no use to me. I shall cut down the
other straight trees.’ He cut down the other straight trees
except the crooked tree. On seeing this , the crooked tree
said, ‘Thank God! My ugliness saved my life.’
We should never blame God for our troubles, God has a
reason for everything.

 U.Hareeth Raam 

*Class/Div.*- 1 – D  


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