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IIS Commences its new academic year 2023-24: Ideal Indian School reopened today, commencing its new academic year with great excitement and anticipation from both students and faculty. This academic year marked a fresh start and new beginnings for the school community as they embarked on a new journey of learning, growth, and discovery. The day started with students arriving at school dressed in their formal school uniforms, eagerly looking forward to meeting their friends and new teachers. The air was filled with the buzz of excitement as students reunited with old friends and made new ones.

The KG students who have completed their kindergarten level moved up to a higher class in the Junior Section, while the grade 4 students who were promoted to class 5 attended their class in the Boys’ and Girls’ Sections. The students were very excited to start their new journey in the junior classes. They were welcomed by their new teachers who made them feel comfortable and helped them settle into their new environment.

Principal Mr. Shaik Shamim Saheb welcomed the students and spoke about the school’s expectations for the students and the importance of discipline and hard work. He also stressed the role of parents and teachers in ensuring the success of the students.

With a strong focus on academic excellence and personal development, the school is in a strong position to achieve remarkable success in the upcoming year.

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