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The Brave little sparrow 

Once upon a time, a little sparrow named Ruby lived in the forest. Ruby was famous for
her beautiful feathers and her melodious voice. She was loved by all the animals in the

One morning, Ruby was jumping from branch to branch, and she noticed smoke rising in
the distance. She flew towards it and realized that a serious fire had surrounded a part of
the forest. The animals were afraid, trying to escape from the fire.
Without wasting time, Ruby jumped down and gathered all the forest animals. She took
them to a nearby lake, which was a safe place to hide from the fire. Ruby’s courage saved
the animals from harm. Not only that, but the fire also destroyed the animals’ homes and
food sources, leaving them scared and hungry.

Ruby flew far, traveling through different forests, and found a beautiful field where the
animals could rebuild their home and help them to gather food. News of Ruby’s bravery
and kindness spread throughout the forest, and the animals held a grand celebration to
award her. They sang songs, danced, and expressed their thankfulness for Ruby’s
From that day onwards, Ruby became a symbol of bravery and unity in the forest.
Whenever anyone faced a challenge or needed help, they would think of Ruby, the brave
little sparrow who taught them the power of courage, compassion, and working together.
The brave little sparrow Ruby’s testimony spread across the forest, teaching everyone
who heard it about the strength each of us holds and the value of extending a helping
hand to those in need.

The moral of the story: To be brave, show compassion, and work together to make a
positive impact in the world.

Manuel Mathew Panicker

Class/Div: Grade 3D

Manuel Mathew Panicker

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