The Bear and the two Friend

Once upon a time two friends were walking through the forest. Their names
are Ravi and Rahul. They were discussing the danger of the forest when we
saw that lion, bear, snake, and spider. Ravi was very scared, but Rahul told Ravi
‘ When we have a problem, I will help you’, and Ravi told, ‘Me too’. They
promised each other.

Suddenly Ravi noticed there was a movement and heard the sound of a bear
behind the bushes. Ravi and Rahul were very scared and stopped walking and
slowly moved to the nearby tree. Rahul climbed the tree when the bear came
out from the bushes. Ravi told Rahul, ‘I don’t know how to climb the tree.
Please help me’. Rahul remained silent and moved his face and said to himself
‘No, if I went down to help Ravi, there is a chance the bear will attack me’.

Quickly Ravi had an idea how to escape from the bear. He knew that bears
never eat dead things, so he lay on the ground as if he was dead. The bear
moved very close to Ravi and sniffed at him. It thought that he was dead and
left the place. 

After some time, Rahul came down from the tree and asked Ravi, ‘Are you ok?’
Ravi replied, ‘Yes, I am ok’. Rahul asked Ravi, ‘What did the bear say to you?’
Ravi said, ‘The bear told me never keep a friend who does not help when you
are in trouble’. Ravi thanked the bear saying it was a good chance for him to
find good friends and who help and stay with us when we are in trouble. Rahul
was ashamed and understood his mistake.

Moral: Help others without any reason and give
without the expectating anything in return.

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