An orientation programme for the students of class IX to XII of Girls’ Section was held in the KG Auditorium at 10:30 to 12:30 on 19th of October 2022. The programme started with a prayer by Fatima Farooqui and Raghad; and anchored by Farha Naaz and Anvica.
The first part of the session began with a presentation by Dr. Nazima Bi Shaikh the HM of Girls’ Section. She emphasized in her presentation the need to follow the rules and regulations of the school to attain greater achievements. She briefed the students about the school and classroom rules, attendance and leave policy, discipline policy and different stages of disciplinary actions etc.
Second part of the session was conducted by Ms. Khatija T C the AHM of Girls’ Section. She highlighted the need of systematic preparation for examination. Practical tips for examination, eating and sleeping habits during exam days and the code of conduct in the examination hall etc. were discussed in this session.
Orientation programme was concluded with an address by the Principal, Mr. Shaik Shamim Saheb. He insisted in his address the need to have a systematic planning and meticulous preparation for the board exam. He advised every child to have a separate study timetable and an undisturbed place at their home and revise lessons and solve previous years question papers etc. A general feedback by children states that the programme has been well planned and presented in a much praiseworthy manner and it can empower them and guide them to the right path to success.

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