Soap Art (Teacher’s Contribution)

Mr. BAIJU VP (Art Teacher Boys’ Section)

The alluring sculptures that attract us. But, what if the sculptures have fragrance!  Soap sculptures are scented sculptures that specialise in creating sculptures on a limited surface.  You don’t need any big equipment to make soap sculptures, with a sophisticated tool, you can make the realm of reality out of this fragrant soap.  This is a field where anyone can enter in anytime, it doesn’t require that much talent other than  patience and observation.  I was inspired by a prominent sculptor in Qatar who created marvellous works out of soap.  Initially, I tried with small sculptures which could  be  made out easily with nominal tools. 

I have got an opportunity to exhibit some of my works in Art Waves exhibition at Ideal Indian School. Through the way some of my students also have interested and started working on it and expecting innovative sculptures with blossom minds. It is something that can be easily learned by anyone who is really interested on it. These sculptures can be kept for a long time if it’s kept in specially prepared glass cages. If you want to give a gift to someone, just make a sculpture like this

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