“ It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all-in which you’ve failed by default.” ~ J.K. ROWLING

Being a student of IIS for 13 years (including kindergarten) has surely taught me numerous lessons in life. It’s funny because you are constantly looked after by adults who’ve been through their childhood and they do their best to prevent you from making any mistakes. But, oh! well. As kids we are bound to make mistakes and learn from them. I guess that’s the most exciting part of being a child.

I really loved waking up in the morning for school ever since I was a kid. I enjoyed every bit of getting up and getting myself ready for school though I hated everything after that-  waiting for the bus and then coming to class and learning.

On my first day at school(KG1), I still remember I was extremely confused as I thought that it was my new home and I wouldn’t go back to my parents. I ended by crying. But as time passed by, the time I spent in school and with friends was significantly more compared to the time I spent with my parents and brother. I have understood that family is something that gets bigger as life goes on. Perhaps FAMILY doesn’t necessarily mean having the same blood.

In my junior years of schooling, I feared of getting into trouble. I always felt that getting into trouble meant that I was failing in my role as a student. But in later years I grew older and understood that getting in trouble is a part of a student’s life and it only adds to more memories. As a student, I surely look back to the times I’ve made silly to severe mistakes and have gotten in trouble for it. Surprisingly enough I’ve never been suspended for anything!

Ideal Indian School is definitely more than just an institution. I mean every school has its ups and downs but being a part of the Ideal family or as we say it “The Idealites” just adds so much more to our childhood. I’ve loved every moment that I have spent at ideal! Calling myself a student of Ideal Indian School is definitely a pride that I will hold forever!

Ideal surely restricted us on many things due to safety or some other reasons but that never stopped me and my friends from having fun!

Every new academic year I would walk to my class extremely nervous just wondering who my new teachers would be! But let’s be honest with ourselves, there is no such thing as a bad teacher. They might not be to our liking but that doesn’t make them a bad teacher nor a bad person.

I have made some amazing friends and met amazing teachers and school staff who’ve impacted my life as a student more than words could describe. As students we all have our favorites and I am surely one with a few FAVORITE teachers. Also being on the topic of impacted! I would like to add that the person who made me find myself as a student as well as a person is my best friend whom I owe everything to! I think finding yourself a best friend/partner in crime/caretaker has to be one of the biggest challenge as a student but once you’ve done that it’s going to be a complete journey of a lifetime!

As much as I’ve said that “I just want to quit school.” “Who even created such thing as schooling?!” “Ughhh this is just annoying! I am done!” I am truly going to miss each and every moment of my schooling years. Every moment spent in school, every scolding I’ve got, bunking classes, all the back bench chaos, eating between and during classes, the laughs and jokes, times spent at the “Garden area” behind Junior section buildings, our old bookstore, lab area, Junior Section canteen, numerous stay backs in school are all. These will surely make me regret all the days I’ve been absent!

I am also guilty of being the type of student to study for only important exams or final exams. This is not the best as the entire year I’d get scolded at and have my parents called to school but luckily my parents know that I’ll shine when time comes and get through.

I’ve definitely had people who’ve told me that I wouldn’t make it but that’s something humans face at every point in life. We just have to let our success and achievements speak! But that will take time so as long as you have a vision in mind and work hard enough to let your success speak for itself, you have nothing to be concerned about.

As a final year student, I often take moments of my day look back and cherish all the moments I’ve had as a student of the Ideal Family and smile to have had the experience and opportunity to live an amazing student life at Ideal Indian School.

Ebenezer Ranjan, 12 C, Cultural Secretary

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