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I had a pet kitten whose name was ‘Luna’. She was a Persian cat. We got her when she
was 3 months old. Luna was black in colour and her eyes were brown. Her fur and tail
are very soft and fluffy. Overall she was a cute and pretty kitten.
I loved to play with Luna every time so that I never had to be alone. Her favourite
play stuff was thread and a small ball. When she got too tired after play she used my lap
for her sleep.

I took care of her as a family member. Soon the God felt jealous of our love and he
called her forever. After that I had many pets but I didn’t feel Luna’s cuteness about
them. She was my favourite and still remains alive in my heart.

Student name: Naika Sajeesh
Class-Section: 2B

Student name: Naika Sajeesh
Class-Section: 2B

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