I am from Karnataka, and I shall tell you about some
of its beautiful sights and spots that you can visit.
Karnataka is the 6 th largest state in India by
landmass and it is the 5 th richest state in India. It
was formed on 1 st November 1956 and it is one of
the few states that have a bicameral legislature in
India. Karnataka consists of 31 districts and 4

divisions. Its capital is also the largest city
Bangalore, known as the “IT Capital Of India” due to
its famous IT industry in Bangalore.
Karnataka has been ranked as the fourth most
popular destination for tourism among the states of
India. Here are some places you can visit in

  1. Karnataka has many wildlife sanctuaries and
    national parks that you can visit. Popular
    among them are Bandipura National Park,
    Bannerghatta National Park and Nagarhole
    National Park.
  2. The ruins of the Vijayanagara Empire at
    Hampi and the monuments of Pattadakal are
    very informational and educational historic
    places that are also on the list of UNESCO’s
    World Heritage Sites.
  3. The cave temples at Badami and the rock-cut
    temples at Aihole representing the Badami
    Chalukyan style of architecture are also
    popular tourist destinations. The Hoysala

temples at Beluru and Halebidu, which were
built with Chloritic schist Soapstone.

  1. The waterfalls of Karnataka and Kudremukh
    are considered by some to be among the
    “1001 Natural Wonders of the World”. Jog
    Falls is India’s tallest single-tiered waterfall
    with Gokak Falls, Unchalli Falls, Magod Falls,
    Abbey Falls and Shivanasamudra Falls among
    other popular waterfalls.

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