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Once upon a time there was a city in the valley, called Wonderland. The king
wanted a minister for his service. So, he invited all the contestants to his
palace and said, “Whoever jumps the highest will be my minister, for he will
be the bravest man in Wonderland”.

Many candidates came forward to win the competition and to become the
minister. However, no one could jump the height. In the end, three of them
entered the palace – a Flea, a Grasshopper and Jack the robot.
First the Flea came forward. He said, “I have royal blood in my veins. I have
good manners, and so I am fit to become the future minister.” Then he
jumped. He rose a few feet in the air but at that moment, the chambermaid
waved the king’s fan. The wind from the fan blew the Flea away.

Next the Grasshopper came forward. He said, “I belong to an ancient royal
Egyptian family. We are well mannered, learned and royal. Thus, I should be
the minister.” Then he jumped. However, his foot slipped as he jumped and
he fell on the king’s face.
This made the king very angry. He ordered his guards to throw the
Grasshopper out of the palace.
Now it was Jack, the Robot’s turn. He did not say anything, but prepared to
jump. He jumped very high, and then landed in front of the king.

The king was very happy now. He said, “Jack the Robot did not talk like the
Flea and the Grasshopper, but jumped the highest. He does not boast about
himself, but believes in his work. He shall be my minister!” Soon, Jack the
Robot became the minister and lived happily.

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