The staff of the Ideal Indian School Transport participated in an awareness program hosted by the Traffic Awareness Department and the Public Relations Department of the Ministry of Interior on November 28, 2023. The event was held at the auditorium of the Traffic General Directorate. The session addressed several common causes of traffic accidents, including Safety checks and Safety Tips, Automated and Normal Traffic Surveillance Cameras, Mobile phone usage, Red Signal Accidents, Overtaking from the right, Minor and Major Accidents and their Reporting, Yellow box, Pedestrian Accidents, Driving on the fast track, Smart traffic signals, Drowsy driving, Bicycle Safety etc. Furthermore, it conveyed informative messages emphasizing the importance of following traffic safety regulations and implementing correct procedures when handling children in traffic environments.
Transport Operation Officer, Mr. Basheer Kaliyath, Transport Supervisor, Mr. Shoukath Ali and all drivers participated in the orientation program. The session proved beneficial for the staff as they gained awareness of common traffic mistakes often committed by drivers.