Ideal Indian School Scouts participated in the Qatar National Sport Day Program in collaboration with the Doha International Center for Interfaith Dialogue (DICID) under the slogan “Scouting Movement between Sports and Dialogue” at the Qatar Scouts & Guides Association centre. The program began with a cycling event followed by football and basketball competitions. The event aimed to promote physical fitness, teamwork, and a love for outdoor activities among the youth. The second session began with a presentation by DICID that focused on cultural understanding and appreciation for different perspectives, traditions, and ways of life, enriching our collective human experience and promoting unity amidst diversity.

The events proved to be an enriching experience, combining physical activity, cultural understanding, and a sense of community. At the end of the program, all participants were presented gifts by the organizers. Six scouts from Ideal Indian School, along with Mr. Vijayant Thapa (Scout Master), attended the Qatar National Sports Day Program.