Ideal Indian School athletics team participated in the Schools Olympics Programme Athletics Finals which was held from February 25 to 27, 2024, at Al Arabi Stadium. IIS team students showcased remarkable athletic prowess, bringing home a total of six medals. The highlight of the event was Ihsan Ismail from Class 11 A, who not only clinched the gold medal in the 60m sprint but also demonstrated his versatility by securing a bronze medal in the 200m race.

The collective strength of Ideal Indian School’s relay team shone through in the 4x100m relay event. The team, consisting of Ihsan Ismail of class 11 A, Mohammed Ihsan of class 11A, Ashish Rejy of class 11 C, and Ammar Obaid of Class 11 C, demonstrated exceptional teamwork and speed, earning the school a well-deserved bronze medal in the relay category.

Ihsan Ismail’s achievements underscored his dedication and skill, contributing significantly to the school’s overall success. The gold and bronze medals in sprinting events added a glorious chapter to Ideal Indian School’s sports history.