deal Indian School recently inaugurated the ‘Yuva Tourism Club,’ marking the beginning of a journey that promises to immerse students in the wonders of global travel, cultural appreciation, and hands-on learning. The event featured a mega exhibition showcasing various dimensions of the tourism industry, where students displayed a blend of artistic expression and technological innovation.

Principal Mr. Shaik Shamim Saheb inaugurated the club by unveiling the club logo. Speaking on the occasion, the principal highlighted the importance of the tourism industry and hospitality management.

The program delved into the rich history and cultural heritage of India, with presentations on iconic landmarks such as the Taj Mahal and Fatehpur Sikri. Students were enlightened about the historical significance, architectural marvels, and cultural importance of these landmarks, fostering a deeper appreciation for India’s rich heritage. A unique and innovative display followed, showcasing an airplane made with flex printing, reflecting the theme of an airport.

A large number of students visited the exhibition.

The day commenced with a prayer led by Aqdasa and Aishya Ismail, followed by Mayeesha, who took the stage to welcome the gathering. Ms. Aishya Ismail, Muhammed Arsh Syed, and Aishwarya Sunil hosted the program. Talha proposed the vote of thanks.