Friends are the gifts of God who support us whenever we tend to fall in our lives.

A true friend is always ready for sacrifices for the sake of the happiness of his friend.

True friendship stands on the terms of mutual help and understanding.

Friends may be good or bad, but it depends on our instinct, which we choose.

A bad friend will pull you in his darkness, whereas a good friend always helps you to come out of the darkness.

True friendship doesn’t discriminate between poor and rich.

Many times you don’t have your family to support you, but your bunch of good friends will always fill that void.

Friends with selfish motives are not worthy of trust because they are the ones who will leave you in your bad times.

Whatever be your financial condition or status in the society, with friends you tend to be real you without  showing off.

You can’t choose your family ,but you can choose your friends, so choose them wisely.

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