EXPLORING THE NIGHT SKY: A VISIT TO THE SPACE OBSERVATORY: Member of the Astronomy Club of Ideal Indian School organized a visit to a private space observatory in Al Wakrah, Doha. The purpose of the trip was to give students an opportunity to observe the celestial objects.

Mr. Ajith Everester, a renowned Astrophotographer, established the space observatory. During the visit, he provided a clear explanation of how telescopes work and the different types used for observing celestial objects. He also shared insights into the fascinating world of astrophotography. Guiding the students through the night sky using lasers, Mr. Ajith took them on an engaging tour, pointing out stars and constellations. Equipped with modern telescopes, the students had the incredible opportunity to observe the planet Venus, the pole star, and the moon in close detail. The awe-inspiring views they encountered left a deep impression on the students and fueled their curiosity to delve further into the field of astronomy.

Mr. Ajmal, Coordinator of the Astronomy Club, Ms. Nishima Raashid, Mr. Shijo, Mr. Baiju and Mr. Anwar accompanied the students.

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