Embroidery Works

1. Rubeena  ( M/O Dana Salim Abdulla )

2. Student name:- Dana Salim Abdulla

3. Class-Section:- 2 E

4. Contact number :66458831

5. E mail id:- rubeena661@gmail.com

6. Passport size photo : ATTACHED

7. Class Teacher’s name: Ms.SHARON SOANS

8. Title of the content: How Covid had  Inspired Me!

9. Date of submission:- 22.05.2023

10. Embroidery work

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/knit_n_knot_xpressions?igshid=NTc4MTIwNjQ2YQ%3D%3D

I am Rubeena , an Embroidery artist  .

My passion for art work started 3 yrs back, thanks to covid .

Due to inability to go outdoors due to restrictions, i wanted to do something that would give me freedom at home to keep me occupied.

I searched and practiced many things like cooking, reading etc and felt eventually Embroidery was the most pleasurable medium of art that kept me happy.

Initially I did started with single designs and art patches but now I have reached a stage where i do all type of embroidery art work for birthdays , wedding , new born , building structures  etc

My advice to all students and adults is to pursue your passion or work in adverse conditions to turn the table to have positive results with pursuing what you love and getting preoccupied in the times of stress or tension.

The results may be more than you expected and your life could change for ever!