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Blessings (Poem)

A dainty little child
Lay on her bed
All night and day
And never moved ahead.
Finally, one day
Nanny Nancy took her for a walk
“Oh, what’s the use nanny” said she in misery
“For I can’t see” she sniffed quietly
Nanny hushed her and with a smile
Led her along to the furthest mile
There, stood a forest full of life.
With the whisperings of the stalks,
The ringing of blue bells,
And the tapping of fairies
The song of the trees
And the buzzing of the bees
Sank in her ears
And dispelled her fears.
Her little pink fingers
felt the dew of the tulips

she smelled the sweet roses and held it to her lips

Alas, the thorns pricked her so,
That she cried out
“Oh thank God!
What a bliss this is
That I hear, feel and smell
All so well,
I shall be thankful
For gifts so wonderful
For that, I shall never be ungrateful.

Written by:

Mumtaz Kausar 

Class: X

Division: F

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