Policy and Guidelines

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  • Collection of the articles for the publication shall be original and not subject to any legal complications
  • All the photos and videos shall be used after the copyright holders’ approvals
  • Articles, stories, pictures, essays, and all other forms of writing shall be accepted by the editorial board after receiving the acknowledgment from the content providers.
  • Magazine includes links, more high-resolution images, video, audio, and web animations.
  • Authors need to Declare that their papers have not been published elsewhere.
  • Any potential conflicts of interest should be declared by the authors and IIS times is not responsible for conflict of interest that arises out of publications of articles.

2. General Guidelines

  • All forms and formats to be used by all members of the Editorial Board shall be provided by the Editorial director.
  • Articles, write-ups, videos, etc. will be collected regularly as and when an activity or event is organized.
  • Good illustrations or photographs of events and videos to be included –specify occasion/event.
  • Encourage students, parents, teachers to contribute as per their area of interest/expertise.
  • A preliminary selection is to be carried out. Assess whether the articles are suitable for publishing or not.
  • The period for collecting articles is to be maintained. In the case of activities, events, or interviews, reports with photographs should be submitted within a week of it being conducted.
  • Arrange and conduct interviews of eminent persons in the field of Science and Technology, Medicine, Sports, Research, students who have won laurels for the school, etc.
  • Assistant Editors shall edit and proofread the articles before final selection. A content bank shall be maintained.
  • Guided activities to be conducted for KG and Junior Sections. (Art& Craft, drawing, coloring, etc.)
  • Team members to coordinate with the Magazine – in – charges of the respective Sections. Preliminary selection to be carried out in the Sections before submitting for final selection.
  • All written work is to be submitted to the Editorial Assistants for Proofreading and review.
  • Only original works to be considered. Verify before the final decision.
  • Content for the first edition should include school-related events for the Academic Year 2021-2022. (Curricular, co-curricular, extracurricular/ intra –school and inter-school, online or offline) Qatar National Day, Qatar sports day, Republic Day, Etc.
  • Tentative dates for releasing the magazine to be decided on the 24th of the month.
  • Deadlines for submitting materials to the concerned Team members to be finalized as work progresses.
  • Maintain a record of work carried out, completed, etc. for the follow–up.
  • Suggestions for improvement are always welcome.
  • Maintain a rapport with all members of the team and always extend your support, in the best way possible.
  • Comply with the job descriptions issued to each member for the smooth functioning of the Editorial Team and successful release of the first edition as scheduled.
  • Attend the meetings promptly, whenever it is informed.

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  • Articles on religion, culture, race, caste, creed, region, and gender, that may promote animosity or hatred in the society shall not be accepted by the board.
  • Selection of the articles is based on merit and creativity.
  • Magazine is an English magazine, articles written or translated into English are published.
  • All students, including staff, teachers, parents, and community members are given an opportunity based on the content, creativity, and quality of the article.
  • Heads of the sections shall motivate and encourage students towards developing creative ideas for expression.
  • Class teachers shall be involved in the collection of the content from the students and parents of their respective classes
  • Content received shall be saved in the content library created by the class teachers in an excel sheet provided by the editorial team.
  • The team can take advantage of cheaper and potentially wider distribution than print magazines.
  • Magazine content should be interesting and engaging to the readers.
  • Coordinators of each group shall regularly update the content calendar on monthly basis.
  • IIS-TIMES An e-magazinerespects traditional journalistic practice. Our reporters are committed to delivering accurate, fair, and independent facts & news reporting about innovations to our readers.
  • Sources – We respect conventional journalistic standards to get information. We collect information directly from those involved in education, technology, health, sports, art, music, innovation, literature, and new technologies.
  • We work with these sources to ensure that our content is accurate and presented in its appropriate context. We correctly and clearly identify our sources.
  • Precision –It is the responsibility of our editors to be accurate and honest. We use our professional experience, judgment, and knowledge to help our readers understand a subject. Our ethical obligation is not to please an interest, a company, or a party to a debate, but to testify to the truth if we know it, or to delimit the terms of the controversy if the truth of the matter is in doubt.
  • Fact-checking and editing –Our articles are thoroughly fact-checked, unbiased, and fully independent from any advertising consideration.
  • We welcome your feedback and comments at iisemagazine2022@gmail.com

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