In YEAR 2250 A.D (POEM) (STUDENT TALENT GROUP) Kinza Rabbani – Class 6th L

In YEAR 2250 A.D.

A child ask:

“Mummy, Mummy, what was a tree?”

Well, baby long ago there used to be

Living things are called plants and trees.

Which were as pretty as you please.

In renewing oxygen, they did wonders

Alas, now we live on Oxygen cylinders.

Because we didn’t see their importance.

And cut them down in our impatience

The result, as all of us, can see

Is a world without a single tree!

Oh! If we’d been a little wise

We would not now live like helpless wise.

Choking without oxygen, we are the cause of

Destroying what’s not, but in the past was

by destroying trees, we’ve destroyed mankind

and that’s why my dear no trees you’ll find

but if you want to see them still,

go to the museum and there you will.”


About Poem: The above poem is fiction about the future green plants & trees situation – as there is a lot of construction, building many homes and cutting forests. If we all didn’t pay attention the future would be very different. So we must take care of the Trees and Green area. Also, maintain the ecosystems on earth. Let all plant trees…

                                                                                                Kinza Rabbani – Class 6th L

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